Cherry Cola

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A cold refreshing glass of cherry cola.

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60ml, 100ml

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  1. Unholy Penguin

    Cherry Cola done very differently. Willing to try new things I stuck this in an OFRF Sub-Ohm (arguably the current top of the market for a sub-ohm vaping experience) and used a 6mg DIY mix. My thoughts on this are that it is a tad tasteless on the up take with minor tingling involved from the signature fizz effect in many of the juices from Such is Vape. However the back end cherry cola fizz makes this juice worth giving a whirl. I would possibly recommend a lower DIY level to start with on this particular juice as I feel that at 6mg it takes a way from the flavour. With a little flavour work on the front end this juice could be brilliant for any cola enthusiast. There is potential in this juice. 6.5/10

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      thank you for the feed back

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