Toffee Apple

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A sweet chewy apple toffee that wont get stuck in your teeth

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2 reviews for Toffee Apple

  1. Jane

    This juice is spot on! I kept going back for more and couldn’t get enough of the flavour. If toffee apples are your thing, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Admin

      Thanks for the feedback glad your a happy with the flavor

  2. Unholy Penguin

    First things first this smells delicious. When you vape it the air is edible. The juice definitely has a heavy toffee taste which makes it a little dense to get a full apple flavour feel. I will say it is flavourful though and you will vape it a lot. Inhale is toffee full and strong. Exhale brings that apple out but is a tad muted by over powering caramel baked feel. It is good juice and no doubt it will satisfy the caramel lover and the apple lover alike. If you are looking for a good smelling house and a mouth full of toffee this is the juice. Not a bad attempt and I would suggest slightly more apple. 8/10

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